EllipZo – An overview and Assembly Guide

The EllipZo-robotic chassis is a light weight, low cost, medium capacity multipurpose robotic chassis which provides a great opportunity for starters to give shape to their robotic ideas.
EllipZo is cut out of a 3mm acrylic sheet which provides a strong and rigid platform to buildrobotic chassis. It is designed with minimum number of parts considering ease of assembly. It quite simple that even a high school student can assemble it without much difficulty.EllipZo is cut out in such a way that it doesn’t have any sharp edges. This is to make sure that the chassis doesn’t get stuck at corners. It has two layers where the top layer holds the servo motor and bottom layer holds the DC motor and free wheel.

EllipZo has space to hold two 4xAAA cells on the bottom plate. Whereas the top plate has slots to hold a toggle switch which could be used to disconnect battery from the circuit while not in use. It also has random slots on top plate which is compatible with Arduino & most other development platform.

EllipZo is also capable of carrying a proximity sensor like SHARP IR or RhydoLabz® ECHO Ultrasonic on its pan head which could either be attached on the servo neck or slots provided on the top plate. The front array hold is capable of holding IR sensor arrays of various dimensions like Pololu QTR Reflectance sensor arrays.

EllipZo also has an interesting feature that enables the user to attach the top plate either facing DC motor or the free wheel side enabling interchangeability of front and rear of the chassis.
Smart could be made even smarter by simply purchasing the add-on kits available at RhydoLabz® which gives access to more pan heads, array holds & spares which simply enhances the features of EllipZo.


  • Strong 3mm acrylic body parts
  • Enormous space for add more necessary circuits
  • Six Pan head slots are provided around the top and bottom chassis
  • 30mm wide rubber wheel
  • Kit include all necessary robotic parts
  • Options for different types of sensors like Echo ultrasonic, pololu QTR Reflectance sensor arrays

Basic applications of this robotic kit:-

  • Line tracking
  • Wireless/wired controlling
  • Wall hugging
  • Autonomous obstacle avoidance
  • Maze solving mouse
  • And much more……


Parts included are:-

  • 1x Top Chassis
  • 1x Bottom Chassis
  • 4x DC Motor Hold
  • 1x Array Hold
  • 1x Pan Head
  • 1x Servo Neck
  • 2x 4xAAA Battery Holder
  • 1x Toggle Switch
  • 1x Caster Ball Wheel
  • 2x 100RPM BO1 plastic geared motor
  • 2x Off Road Wheels 65mmx30mm
  • 1x FS90 Analog Plastic Geared Micro Servo Kit
  • Stand offs
    • 4x   M3 6mm   HEX
    • 10x M3 25mm HEX
  • Screws
    • 4x   M3 35mm STAR HEAD
    • 26x M3 6mm   STAR HEAD
    • 3x   M3 12mm STAR HEAD
    • 2x   M2 12mm STAR HEAD
    • 3x 7mm 3mm diameter Mushroom head
  • Nuts
    • 5x   M3 2mm   HEX
    • 2x   M2 2mm   HEX

EllipZo Assembly Steps:-

Step 1: Insert the motor holders in the slots as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Place both the DC motors in such a way that the motor shaft is at the middle of the  wheel slot.

Step 3: Screw each motor  using two M3 25mm screw & ensure that it fits well.

Step 4: Attach Wheels to the motor shaft as shown in the figure.

Step 5: Attach  caster ball wheel  as shown in the figure below, use M3 12mm screw and M3 25mm stand offs.

Step 6: Attach M3 25mm stand offs,  use M3 6mm screw for fit it.

Step 7: Attach micro servo & Toggle switch on to the top chassis as shown in the picture. Use two M2 12mm screws and M2 2mm nuts to fit micro servo.

Step 8: Attach top chassis to the bottom chassis, Use M3 6mm screws to fit it. This step is crucial as the screw hole being symmetrically positioned, user can either place the top chassis with micro servo near caster ball wheel or near DC motor. This is important because it determines the forward facing side of the final assembly.
Step 9 : Attach servo neck and pan head using M3 12mm screw & M3 2mm nut. Attach this to micro servo horn and then to servo motor using mushroom head 7mm  screw.
Now EllipZo is ready to use.
User can also add an Array Holder to the front or rear side of the finished assembly just as shown in the picture below
Assembled EllipZo:-
How to Buy

Click here to buy rhydoLABZ 100RPM BO1 Plastic Gear Motor
Click here to buy rhydoLABZ  FS90 Micro 1.3kg Torque Analog Plastic geared Servo
Click here to buy rhydolABZ  RW002 Off Road Wheels 65mm X 30mm(Pair)


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Q. How many pan head do we really get with this kit?
Ans. Only one pan head is provide with this kit, but user can buy the required extra pan head and  others from RhydoLabz Add-On kits.

Q.Will i get all the parts shown in this page along with the robotic kit? If yes, how many?
Ans.Yes, u will get all the parts that mentioned in the Parts included and additional Pair of motor holder is also available

Q. Which Arduino boards are  compatible with this rover?
Ans. All type of Arduino board can be mounted on EllipZo.

Q. What if any of my chassis parts gets damaged or broken?
Ans. You can find two extra motor holder pieces along with this kit. But if any other parts gets damaged, you will have purchase an add-on kit for extra spares.


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